Our goal is to make your operation run as smoothly anD efficiently as possible by supplying the best equipment and backing it up with top-notch service.


Our sales team has first-hand, on-farm experience in dairy, swine, grain handling, manure management, and more. We combine our knowledge and experience with your goals and needs to bring your vision to life. Our team’s strong background in design and management allows our solutions to maximize benefits and minimize frustrations, whether it’s a renovation or a new installation.


Our trained, licensed and experienced lead hands are on-location during all of our installations to ensure the job is done right.


We understand timing is of the essence when it comes to livestock, and most problems can’t wait to be solved until the next business day. That’s why we have multiple service experts on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for everything we do.  If your products need immediate service, our Granton and Listowel locations are central to our territory so our skilled technicians can be on-farm as soon as possible.


Our route service provides our dairy producers with day to day requirements on farm. Our experienced staff are trained to offer product recommendations and solutions best suited for a customer’s specific operational needs. Fully stocked with chemicals, teat dips, liners, parts and more, we ensure your needs are met paired with delivery right to your door.


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