Avonbank is a leading agricultural service and solutions dealership, specializing in facility design, installation and service solutions for the dairy INDUSTRY.

We understand that to keep your farm running smoothly and stay profitable, you need quality, reliable solutions that can work with and accommodate the needs of your facility.  We have over 60 years of experience creating and maintaining cutting-edge facilities and equipment with farmers across Canada, so you can confidently rely on our expertise.

Our mission is to develop the future of agriculture with innovative solutions to improve the lifestyle of our customers. We supply high-quality equipment and services that will enhance the profitability and success of our customers growing operations.


Our sales team HAs on-farm experience in dairy, swine, grain handling & more TO PROVIDE CUSTOM DESIGNED SOLUTIONS.


Trained, licensed and experience lead hands are on-location during all of our installations.

24 Hour Service

Multiple service experts on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for everything we do!



We are committed to partner your agricultural businesses with diverse equipment lines to meet the growth and demands of your industry.

We have the right employees who, with experienced management, create an environment that helps ensure consistency and quality of work. We choose to work with manufacturers that support our full understanding of their products, parts, service and maintenance agreements that will ensure a smooth installation at your location. In the case service is needed, we respond quickly to reduce the impact on your farm’s day-to-day operations.

Our Historic Milestones
  1955 Evans and Thompson was formed.  
  1977 New ownership and a new name – ‘Avonbank Farm Equipment.’  
  1981 Jerry Martens joined the dealership as a service installer.  
  1983 Jerry Martens becomes a third owner of the business and expands to new lines of equipment for dairy, pork, and grain producers.  
  1989 Frank Hogervorst joins as a partner.  
  1997 Avonbank BEGINS offering complete barn packages.  
  2003 Avonbank expands to three locations in Ontario – Avonbank Farm Services Granton, Wellesley, and Aylmer – by partnering with Reginald, Darrel, and Randy Penner.  
  2007 Partners from Tara, Ontario are added, and the business’s name is changed to Penner Farm Services – Avonbank. Mike Hargrave joins the business as a dairy sales specialist.  
  2008 Avonbank becomes an official Lely North America dealer becoming one of the first non-corporate owned Lely centRES in Southwestern Ontario.  
  2012 Jerry Martens purchases the existing Granton location from the partnership to become Avonbank Ag Solutions, with a service centre location located out of Listowel, dairy sales specialist Mike Hargrave becomes a partner.  
  2017 Mike Hargrave purchases Avonbank AG SOLUTIONS from partner Jerry Martens to become sole owner, REBRANDING THE COMPANY "Avonbank". Construction PLANS begin on the new Listowel flagship dairy location.  
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