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Ro-Main is a Canadian company revolutionizing the hog industry for over 20 years. Makers of the Contact-o-Max, Hercules Arm, Porky's Pick-Up and newest AI-based technology, the Ro-Main SmaRt suite counting system.


What if you had a tool to count your pigs automatically?

We have recently installed the NEW smaRt pig counting unit from Ro-Main Agro-Technological Products & Solutions at Conestoga Meat Packers. Our customer chose the SmaRt Suite counting system is a perfect solution to gain efficiency in labour, time savings and count accuracy.

What is smaRt counting?

Using a small and easy to install camera in a corridor, the SmaRt Counting server analyzes video streams in real time using specialized artificial intelligence algorithms to count pigs of all sizes and colors as they pass through the predefined counting zone . They are counted positively and negatively depending on the direction in which they cross the counting corridor. The count is available in real time and the results of counting sessions are accessible via the smaRt Counting web application.

This automated system is simple to install and available as a mobile and fixed unit based on your facility requirements. SmaRt Countings artificial intelligence can count pigs of any size and colour, differentiate pigs from humans and keeps track of the count despite back and forth activity. The SmaRt Counting unit comes with easy to use software available via your computer, tablet or mobile phone via a local wireless connection. The system is an easy and perfect solution for producers, animal transporters and slaughterhouses.

Contact Rob Gribble
Swine Sales REPRESENTATIVE for more details

Phone: 519-225-2507
Mobile: 519-275-7680

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15456 Elginfield Road
Granton, Ontario
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